June 11, 7 pm, Mary Winspear Center Kerri Siefried will be speaking on. - Succulents The Good, The Bad and The Quirky. Kerry is a Master Gardener and has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of gardening. her passion is succulents and she is willing to share both her knowledge and the succulents. Join us to learn more about succulents. Weather forecast - Victoria area   Please report any difficulties or problems with this Web site to the Webmaster by clicking HERE.  To read our annual report please click HERE. THE ALL-IN-ONE PLACE TO DISCOVER, SHARE AND LEARN REGARDLESS OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL GARDENING INTERESTS Links usually open in a new window or tab depending on your computer settings.  Return to this site by closing the new window or tab. If the link opens in the same window, return to this site using the browser back button which is generally at the top left of your screen. Members benefit in many ways from club resources such as the monthly newsletter and the library which is open at regular meetings. Plant sales are held twice a year and are open to the public. Community initiatives and local events are supported. Garden visits in the summer showcase the handiwork of members and other local gardening enthusiasts.