THE PENINSULA GARDEN CLUB - FIRMLY PLANTED IN THIS COMMUNITY FOR 60 YEARS Sidney (pop 11,300) lies at the northern tip of the Saanich Peninsula about 20 km north of Victoria.  First settled by Europeans about 1858, it thrived through marine and rail transportation links which among other commodities, carried agricultural produce.  The climate on the peninsula is atypical of that prevailing over almost the whole of the rest of Canada.  Summers are dry and winters are wet with only rare hard frosts and often with no snow at all.  Great for gardening! 1955:  The NORTH SAANICH GARDEN CLUB was formed with 48 members.  Dues $1. 1966:  Name changed to SIDNEY AND NORTH SAANICH GARDEN CLUB. 1980:  Monthly newsletter and garden notes.  Guest speakers became a regular feature of meetings. 1994:  Annual show attracted 600 entries and 1,000 visitors. 1996:  Name changed to THE PENINSULA GARDEN CLUB.  Last show in 1997. 2002:  Meeting venue changed to the new Mary Winspear Centre. 2005:  50th anniversary show and exhibit was hugely successful.  2006:  Club launched its Web site 2015:  60th ANNIVERSARY.   Club holds major celebration event. Show, speaker, sales booths, lunch. We are still making history. Click on the membership link above to share the experience. SIDNEY TODAY