TV PROGRAMS ON GARDENS       SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR VIEWERS IN CANADA CLICK HERE The BBC (London) continues to produce very good programs of interest to gardeners.  Many of these are available on YouTube.  Some of the postings on YouTube are made by enthusiasts who disregard copyright laws and as a result the postings frequently get taken down.  It is not illegal to watch these postings. The Club site has often included links to BBC gardening programs particularly by Monty Don who is currently the British gardening guru.  Click HERE for an example of the material available.  Some of the links are getting dated but there is still good content.   Try going to YouTube and search there for gardening topics or simply search “Monty Don”. His four part series HERE covers garden history and is very good material for ornamental gardeners. Some postings include adverts with invites to click on a link.  It is wise not to follow such links unless you really know where they lead. THE CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW UK The broadcast programs from the last week in May event are HERE. The advertising at the start of some of these programs cannot be removed but it gives way quite quickly to superb and very enjoyable presentations.