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 Monday, September 9th, 2024 

Tamara Dinter – Soil Health 

Join us on Monday, September 9th to hear Tamara Dinter’s presentation on “Soil Health”. Tamara, who has a master’s degree in Soil Science, will talk about what soil is, the texture and structure of soil as well as the major and minor nutrients and its pH. Organic matter, the soil ecosystem and mulch will be discussed as well planting for pH and soil texture. 

Join us for this informative presentation. 

Eurosa Farm Tour

Monday, July the 8th at 1:30.

Our activity for July will be a tour of the Eurosa Farm in Brentwood Bay.

The tour is limited to 20mpeople and there are spaces available. A

reminder email will be sent closer to the date

If you are interested in signing up for the tour please contact Janet Cram

In Memoriam: Anne Freidank May 4,1935 - June 1, 2024

Anne Freidank, who was a longtime active member (almost 24 years) of the Peninsula Garden Club passed away on June 1 with a loved one by her side. She was 89 years old. She moved from Munich, Germany to the Saanich Peninsula, first to Lands End Road then to Saanichton in the early 90’s.

She became a Canadian citizen in November 2016. 

Anne was diagnosed with liver cancer 2 ½ years ago and was told to quickly put her affairs in order. No surprise, she wasn’t ready to go then, and not until she had organized her home and life did she decide it was time. 

We will remember Anne as a multiple trophy winner at the Parlour Show for many years. She displayed her fruit and vegetables entries in artful, and at times, humorous ways. Her generosity in leaving her entries for the raffle/draw table ensured members would have organic and top-quality produce.

She supplied seedlings and plant divisions for the yearly plant sales, as well as volunteered to help with pricing and selling on the day of the sale.

Volunteers eventually came to Anne’s home in the later years to help ‘pot up’ so she could continue contributing to the plant sales for the Peninsula Garden Club. 

Her tidy garden was open to anyone interested in walking through it, giving them the added bonuses of tips and tricks on how to grow a variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Her medicinal/healing knowledge benefited her closest and extensive circle of friends willing to try alternative health remedies and developing healthy eating habits. Her yearly participation as an exhibitor and volunteer at the Saanich Fair also resulted in many awards and ribbons.

Anne grew almost everything she ate. 

Anne’s artistic talent was exhibited and shared at her “Cat Gallery” home studio in Saanichton with the public and her community.  Her sense of colour was evident in her daily coordinated clothing and visors. She was well known while living in Germany for her under glass paintings.  She loved music, played guitar and piano, sang with the Via Choralis choir and was a member of a ballroom dancing club.

Anne spent 10 years volunteering at hospice, working in the tiny outdoor garden at the Jubilee hospital and keeping company to the dying at the Jubilee and the Saanich Peninsula hospital.

Anne lived alone with her last beloved cat, Teddy. She was strong, opinionated, generous, loved to share her knowledge of gardening and spiritual topics ihoping to make a difference for humankind and our planet earth.

She will be missed.

In loving memory.

Josée Smith

PGC Sunshine Lady

Anne was my close personal friend for nearly 24 years.  We met when we joined the garden club on the same evening.

Videos were made about gardening and her art on YouTube for the community and the Peninsula Garden Club.

Video links below provided by Garry Brust:

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