The Essence of Scouting

By David D. Spencer
On an early sunny morning this June, I will walk out to my garden – coffee in hand – and bask in the glory of the garden I have facilitated. But, after a brief moment of contentment, I will – as history proves – see something that needs immediate attention. It may be a wilted plant, a seedling that has disappeared or a dog-dug hole in an otherwise perfect bed. Within moments I will be deep into the garden rectifying problems, looking at soil, turning over leaves – basically, just gathering information; It is a daily observation of my garden. A little while later, when my wife is wondering where I am and my neighbour is wondering if I’m crazy, I will scout for where I placed my now luke-warm coffee and get on with my day. This habit (of observation – not misplacing coffee) is the essence of scouting. With a little information, this habit can become an essential tool in the health of your garden.

Our Garden Club Library

By Peninsula Garden Club
Garden Club members may borrow our library books for one month. All books signed out are due at the next meeting. To sign out a book check the back of the book (or sometimes the front) to find the library card. Please print your name and phone number as well as the current month in the appropriate spaces on the card. The card is to be placed in the small box labelled.


By Peninsula Garden Club
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Gardening Groups

By Peninsula Garden Club
A collection of helpful Gardening Groups from throughout the community