Deer Proof Gardening Or How to Drive Yourself Bonkers and Amuse the local deer

Fran Benton

Strategies to keep deer out of your garden

• 1. BEST! Fence the garden with a nice big tall strong fence.

• 2. buy a loud dog that lives 24/7 in youryard

• 3. go broke buying bobbex and plantskydd by the gallon

• 4. get labeled as the neighbourhood witch by making up voodoo poMons to spray on your plants.

• There are some things to learn about deer

• They follow habitual scent trails that come from scent in their hooves.

• They will eat anything if they are starving an example is Sidney Spit Island

• Fawns are dumb and will eat absolutely anything then spit it out if they don’t like it.

Plants that deer do not prefer

• Poisonous

• Spikey

• Smelly

• Mediterranean herbs (volaMle oils)

Some good deer resistant plants

• Poppies

• Rose Campion Lychnis coronaria

• Catmint Nepeta mussinii

• Yucca (many varieMes)

• Paeonia

• Corsican Hellebore (other can get eaten)

• ferns

• Teucrinum curly wood sedge

• Grasses and sedges

• New Zealand Daisy Bush Senecio grayii

• Cotoneaster

• Rock rose (Cistus) and Sunrose (Helianthemum)

• Oregon Grape (Mahonia)

• Vinca (invasive)

• Daffodils (watch for Narcissus fly)

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